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Green Tea | Pyramid Tea Bags | 4 Flavour

Rs. 300.00Rs. 300.00


GREEN TEA PYRAMID TEA BAGS | 100% Natural | No Added Flavours | No Added Preservatives.

The Green Tea Pyramid Teabag has exquisite tea leaves that give pale green colour to the tea & offer a multitude of health benefits in the long term. Also, the pyramid shape of the tea bag allows more space for the tea to move around and immerse the flavours to bring out an earthy and rich taste. 

Organic Tea - Samaara's Organic Tea contains pure and fresh tea leaves that are 100% natural. Made with no added flavours or preservatives, it is a potent source of antioxidants for the whole family!

Darjeeling Tea - This specially processed and harvested fine wine of teas contains an aromatic gift that will serenade your senses. Samaara's Darjeeling Tea has a delicate and citrusy flavour to excite your palate with its essence.

Detox Tea - India's first of its kind Detox Tea. Samaara's Detox Tea is distinct and unique because of its healthy features. With no added sugar, salt and citric acid, it is the best health elixir to detoxify!

Honey & Lemon Tea -Samaara's Honey & Lemon Tea is a light and refreshing blend of smooth and stimulating flavours. The goodness of honey and lemon helps reduce stress and increase the metabolism process in the body.

Green Tea | Pyramid Tea Bags | 4 Flavour

Rs. 300.00Rs. 300.00