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Green Tea Pouch Price

Green tea has been the most preferred kind of tea all over the world. Samaara Tea offers a wide variety of Green Tea Online. Check out our collection to choose from our authentic Green Tea.

  • Which brand of green tea is best?

  • Ans: Green Tea is rich in antioxidants which helps to boost immunity. The best Green Tea should have low levels of caffeine content. Jivraj Samaara offers the best range of Green Tea which includes Premium Green Tea with Lemon, Premium Green Tea with Mint, Premium Green Tea with Jasmine, Samaara Loose Green Tea 250 gms, Organic Green Tea 150 gms. 

  • Is it good to drink green tea every day?

  • Ans: Yes, it's okay to drink Green Tea every day. Green tea has beneficial properties which when consumed daily can change your lifestyle into a healthy one. Consuming Green Tea daily can help you lose weight. You can consume up to 4 cups a day. It detoxifies your body and keeps you fresh throughout the day. At samaaratea, you will find a variety of Green Tea Online for yourself. You can try our Flavoured Green Tea which not only adds a kick to your taste buds but also soothes your body & mind. The Green Tea collection includes Lemon Green Tea, Mint Green Tea, and Jasmine Green Tea.

  • What is the best time to drink green tea? 

  • Ans. Morning is the best time to consume Green Tea. A cup of soothing Green Tea in the morning increases focus and concentration. Unlike Coffee, Green Tea Online has low levels of caffeine content and is rich in antioxidants. It contains L-theanine and amino acid which gives calming effects. Try Samaara Lemon Green Tea in the morning and get the kick of freshness from the first sip.

  • Can I drink green tea with an empty stomach?

  • Ans. No. Consuming Green Tea on an empty stomach is not advisable. Drinking Green Tea on an empty stomach can increase the stomach acid build-up which further leads to stomach pain, nauseous feeling, and many more. Consume Green Tea after a light breakfast or before a workout to increase the fat-burning process. Green Tea Online has been touted as a weight loss drink and experts also say that having 2-3 cups of Green Tea would help to increase your metabolism and ease your digestion. Remember don’t exceed the number of cups beyond 4 as it could dehydrate the body.

  • Is green tea good for immunity?

  • Ans. Green Tea Online contains compounds that are antioxidants and polyphenols that reduce inflammation and strengthen the immune system. Samaara also offers Organic Green Tea. Shop now!