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How To Make Fruit Tea With An Indian Twist?

Fruit tea is not a newly explored type of tea. It has been enjoyed by tea drinkers around the world for centuries now. Fruit tea comes in many varieties and flavours, and to understand the type of fruit tea you will enjoy, you have to try a wide variety and determine which taste suits your taste buds the most.  In this blog we are telling you the recipes of different fruit teas with different flavour profiles for you to try and select your favourite. All of these fruit teas have been given an Indian twist to make them more delicious and likeable.  So Let’s get started with fruit tea recipes Some delicious fruit tea recipes that we would like to share with all the tea lovers, and new tea explorers and experimenters are -  Passion fruit Tea Passion food tea is refreshing and requires only a few ingredients to bring together. This fruit infused tea will present different flavours to excite your taste buds. Ingredients You’ll need : Passion fruit pulp - 1 cup Samaara black tea leaves - 1 tsp Lime juice - 2 tsp Mint leaves - 5 to 6 Sugar (or any other sweetener of your choice) - ½ cup Ice cubes Water - 4 cups Method to make passion fruit iced tea : Boil water in a saucepan. Once the water comes to a boil, switch off the heat and add Samaara black tea leaves and mint leaves and let the tea steep for 2 minutes by stirring. Strain the tea and mint leaves Let the tea cool down completely. You can also put it in the refrigerator to fasten the process. Add sugar, lime juice, and passion fruit pulp and keep stirring till the sugar is dissolved.  You can serve this immediately or chill it in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.  Serving Tip : Take a tall glass and fill 3/4th of it with ice cubes. Add a few mint leaves and lime roundels and add the tea.  Dry fruit tea Dry fruit tea is one of the most famous teas in Amritsar, punjab. This recipe is inspired by that. This is a more badam pista tea, so try it once and see whether it can give competition to the original amritsari dry fruit tea. Ingredients You’ll need : Water Samaara black tea leaves Milk  Chai masala powder or premix Sugar (or any other sweetener of your choice) Almonds - Crushed Pistachio - Crushed  Green cardamom - Crushed  Method to make Dry fruit tea : Make you chai in the same way that you like.  Just make sure that the milk is more than water in the tea so that the tea is more creamy. When the tea is ready, serve it in a transparent glass.  Pour the tea from high above so that froth is made at the top.  Top the tea with dry fruits. Enhance your Fruit tea with Samaara tea varieties  Fruit teas are a great option on days you want to try something new and unique. Both the tea recipes that we have told you today are very healthy and are very different from each other.  The benefits of passion fruit tea are numerous, you can search the benefits of passion fruit for your health, and you will find all the health benefits in the tea also as the pure pulp of the fruit is used in the tea.  Similarly, Amritsari dry fruit tea is also very healthy as it has dry fruits and because the tea has more milk than water, it automatically becomes more nutritious and tasty.  Do try out these recipes with the best kadak chai of India, Samaara kadak black tea. Only 1 tsp of the Samaara black tea is sufficient to make a strong cup of chai.  Check out the other products from Samaara on our website - And for more such recipes, keep checking the Chai blogs and recipe section on our website.

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