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Bubble Tea Recipe

Booba Bubble Tea, also known as Bubble Tea, Milk Bubble Tea, or Ice Bubble Tea, was first discovered in Taiwan in the 1980s. This Taiwanese beverage is made with chewy tapioca pearl balls, aka boba, condensed milk, black tea or green tea, and ice. Through the years, it has gained popularity worldwide, especially in South Asia. Traditionally, boba tea should contain milk. But now, there are many versions of boba bubble tea, with and without milk. Some like it with milk and some without. But the most important thing that makes it authentic is the tapioca pearls and their sweetness. These tapioca pearls are usually dipped in brown sugar syrup, which makes them sweet. A thick straw is usually served to suck those pearls and chew them while you sip tea. So, it's a complete pack of tastes and flavours. We have the answer to people's questions on Bubble Tea What are boba pearls and is it healthy? Boba generally comes from the word "bubbles" or "big pearls". Boba, or bubbles, basically originated from tapioca. These tapioca balls are made from tapioca starch, also known as cassava root starch.  Although it lacks the majority of other nutrients like fibre and minerals, it is high in carbs. Boba pearls contain starchy carbohydrates with no sugar content. That is why they are extremely chewy and flavourless. Are tapioca (boba) pearls bad for your stomach? Boba pearls don't contain any nutrients, but it is fun to have them. This tapioca ball is gluten-free, so it's great news for people who avoid gluten. Again, consuming too much can disturb your calorie count, but if you are having it once in a while, then it will be good for your taste buds. Does boba pop or is it chewy? Yes, it is chewy as it is rich in carbohydrates and fibre. You can gulp or chew while enjoying your boba bubble tea. Ingredients You Need For Boba Bubble Tea This is the ingredients list for 2 servings  For Boba's pearls/bubbles ⅓ cup water(75 g) ( you can adjust the volume of water according to the consistency of your batter) ¼ cup brown sugar (55 g) ¾ cup tapioca flour(65 g) + Keep a little more flour for dusting.  For Brown Sugar Syrup 1 cup (220 g) brown sugar 1 cup (240 mL) water For Black Tea 2 cups of water(480 mL) 4 Samaara black tea bags ( try pyramid ones for that extra strong aroma) Milk 3 tablespoons of half & half ( equal parts of milk & cream) 3 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk. For chilled Boba Bubble Tea 3-6 medium-sized cubes of ice. Finally, and most importantly, A wide-open straw allows you to sip the boba pearls.  How to make bubble tea ? How to make boba pearls / Tapioca balls / bubbles ? Step 1:  Take a pan  Add water and brown sugar to it. Put the pan on a medium-high flame. Keep cooking until the sugar dissolves. Once the sugar dissolves and starts boiling, add the tapioca flour to the pan and start stirring. Keep stirring until the batter becomes smooth. Now add the remaining tapioca flour and stir unless the batter turns into a sticky dough. Turn off the flame and keep stirring. Put the dough on a plate. Let it cool for a while. Step 2: Now that the dough is completely cool, you can knead the dough until it becomes smooth. If you feel that your dough is sticky, you can add flour or water to the dough to make it smooth. Step 3:  Now divide the dough into two. Roll the dough into long pieces and turn it into a thin rope. Each roll should be around ¼-inch (6.35 mm) thick.  If the ropes are too long, then cut them into halves. Cut the pieces out of the ropes, roll each piece into a ball, and keep them in a bowl. Now dust all the balls with tapioca flour so that the balls don't get stuck to each other. Step 4:  Now, take another large pot full of water and bring it to a boil. Shake off the excess tapioca flour from the balls and then add them to the boiling water. Keep stirring while you are putting the pearls in the pot. Now simmer the flame down to medium-low. Then stir the whole thing for 20 minutes until it gets cooked. Step 5:  So by the time the pearls get cooked, start making brown sugar syrup. Take a small pan and add water and brown sugar to it. Let the sugar dissolve over a medium flame. Pour the reduced sugar syrup into a large mixing bowl after 5-7 minutes.  Step 6:  Take one pearl out of the container and check if it is cooked. Once the pearls have cooked, drain the water and rinse with cold water. Now add those tapioca pearls with the brown sugar syrup and leave it for 30–60 minutes. Step 7: How to make black tea? Put a pot over a high flame and add water to it.  As the water simmers, add the Samaara black tea bags to it. Bring it to a boil. Now remove the pot from the flame and let it cool at room temperature. Step 8: How to make a milk mixture? Take a measuring cup. If you don't have a measuring cup, you can use a small bowl. Add sweetened condensed milk and half & half ( see above to know more about this ingredient). Whisk them together until they become a solution. Step 9: Now put everything together to make your Boba Bubble Tea. Fill the glass halfway with boba pearls and brown sugar syrup (⅓ cup (80 ml). Then add 4-5 ice cubes to it. Add black tea to the glass. Now add a few teaspoons of the milk mixture. In the end, mix it all together, and your Boba Bubble tea is ready to serve and enjoy! What benefits will Boba Bubble tea give? Bubble tea is a Taiwanese beverage that has gained popularity in the South Asian subcontinent. It contains a lot of calories in bubble tea. It has condensed milk and brown sugar, which makes it unhealthy, but if you replace those with healthy alternatives, this recipe can also serve you as a healthy option. If you want to convert Boba Bubble Tea into a healthier version, then you can also try green tea instead of black tea. Green tea contains antioxidants that support the immune system. And if you add strawberries, mango, apple, and oranges, it will make it enriched with vitamins and fibres. It boosts energy: As the boba bubble tea recipe contains green tea and black tea, the sugar and caffeine content in the samaara tea will give you an extra shot of energy, which will keep you refreshed and active throughout the day. Improves your mood: After a stressful day at work, this tapioca bubble tea can uplift your mood and let you relax. Helps in Weight loss: Booba bubble tea contains polyphenols and caffeine, which act as dietary agents and are excellent for weight loss. People also buy : Detox tea kit | Immunity booster kit | Premium Black Tea Bags | Kadak Tea | Green Tea

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