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Shop Pyramid Tea Bags Online in India

Shop at Samaara teas and unleash the aroma and flavours of tea leaves. Samaara Teas offers three different Pyramid tea bags which are Botanical Green Tea, Black Tea & Green Tea Pyramid Tea Bags.  


1. Are pyramid tea bags better?

Ans. Pyramid tea bags are better than the regular tea bags as they have more space so more flavours can be packed in them. Since they are very spacious, the triangle tea bags are not tightly packed which gives a better brew. They are more porous, therefore, the brew time is quicker and they are also travel friendly as unlike the regular tea bags they are not prone to wear and tear. They are also travel friendly and can also be a good luxury gift option.


2. What's the difference between a tea bag and Pyramid?

Ans. Pyramid tea bags are the sealed, porous, tetrahedron-shaped bags that offer the best way of brewing leaf teas in minutes. In regular tea bags the tea leaves are tightly packed which lowers the quality of the brew and increases the brew time but in case of pyramid tea bags the scenario is completely opposite. Regular tea bags are prone to wear and tear but pyramid shaped tea bags are not.


3. How do you store pyramid tea bags? 

Ans. Tea bags should be stored in their original packaging boxes or in a container or bin. 


4. What are pyramid tea bags made of?

Ans. Pyramid tea bags are mostly made of paper which is porous.


5. Are green tea bags as good as loose tea?

Ans. Generally loose tea is better than tea bags. Tea bags can absorb some catechins. This means that more nutrients are lost in the bag than you do if the leaf is loose.


6. What are the best green tea bags to buy? 

Ans. Samaara pyramid green tea bags are premium quality tea bags that will help you brew your tea with perfection in lesser time and more ease. 


7. How much green tea should I drink a day?

Ans. Drinking three to five cups of green tea in a day can help you reap the benefits of green tea


8. What is the healthiest brand of green tea? 

Ans. Samaara is the best brand for green tea as we are India’s very own brand that provides authentic and unadulterated tea, straight from the tea gardens of Assam. 


9. Which brand of green tea has the most antioxidants?


Ans. Samaara tea is India’s very own tea bag which provides the most authentic tea which has all the natural antioxidants. 


10. Which tea has the most health benefits?


Ans. Green tea has been praised for its health benefits for a long time now. It has been the choice of a lot of people for many years. Green tea has the most health benefits. 


11. What time is the best time to drink green tea?


Ans. To get the maximum benefit of green tea you must consume it two hours before or two hours after a meal. That means the best time to drink green tea is between meals. 


12. Are pyramid tea bags safe?


Ans. Pyramid tea bags have been deemed safe and absolutely harmless by the food safety authorities around the globe. 


13. Are pyramid tea bags biodegradable?


Ans. Tea bags in general are biodegradable and compostable.