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1. What does Kadak Chai mean?


Ans. Kadak Chai is a denotation of the classic old chai taste that is strong and rejuvenating.  It calms the nerves and gives you the boost to get back in action.


2. What is Kadak tea made of?


Ans. The Samaara black tea Online or the kadak chai is made from Assam's finest tea and tea blends that are delivered to you in their purest form to excite your taste buds.


3. Which tea is kadak?


Ans. Samaara black tea Online is the most kadak chai that will remind you of the age-old traditional taste of chai.


4. What is kadak masala tea?


Ans. When the regular tea is mixed with exquisite flavours of black pepper, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg, it becomes the popular masala chai.


5. Why is my masala chai bitter?


Ans. Overcooking the tea leaves and hard boiling them for a long time can make the tea bitter. Steep the tea to just release the flavours in water to get the flavours of the tea better.


6. Is masala chai a laxative?


Ans. The masala that is added to the regular chai like cardamom and cinnamon are spices that increase digestive activity and therefore, act as natural laxatives.


7. Is masala chai good for the skin?


Ans. The spices used in the masala chai are proven to benefit the skin as they reduce inflammation in the skin, thereby reducing the irritation that is associated with acne and eczema. This makes masala chai good for the skin. 


8. Is it bad to drink chai tea every day?


Ans. Chai tea contains cinnamon, the spice with the highest antioxidant level. This makes it a beverage fit to be consumed every day. Also, polyphenols, which are required for overall cell health are present in chai in even higher quantities than most fruits and vegetables. 


9. Is masala chai good for sleep?


Ans. Although chai contains caffeine, the levels of this caffeine is a lot less than the one present in coffee. Also, chai contains Tannin which reduces the rate of caffeine absorption in the body. Therefore, chai does not interfere with your sleep cycle. 


10. Does Chai make your skin dark?


Ans. The pigment Melanin which is present in your skin determines your skin color. The skin color is genetically determined and it has no connection with drinking chai. Chai does not make your skin darker. 


11. How healthy is masala chai?


Ans. Masala chai is super healthy as it contains just the natural tea and the natural spices that are beneficial for your health in one way or the other. It contains a lot less caffeine than coffee and the spices have many health benefits. 


12. What are the benefits of masala chai tea?


Ans. The health benefits of consuming masala chai tea are many. From improving your heart health to relaxing your muscles and clearing your skin, masala chai tea helps you in all of these and in much more.


13. Is Chai Tea healthier than coffee?


Ans. Chai is definitely much more healthy than coffee as it contains much less caffeine than coffee.