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Frequently Asked Questions on Tea Bags

Tea bags are the most convenient way of making tea. But to make sure that the taste is not compromised in any aspect, check out the Samaara Dip Tea Bag collection to choose from a variety of tea bags that have the same taste as brewing your tea on a low flame. 

  1. 1. Are tea bags good for your health?

Ans. Yes, Samaara Dip Tea Bags are a very convenient way to enjoy the flavours of your favourite tea. The shape of tea bags plays an important role in infusing tea leaves. Samaara Pyramid Tea Bags are designed to infuse the maximum satva into the cup without making the tea bags soggy. Samaara Tea Bags are good quality tea bags that give you an elite experience from the first to the last dip.  

  1. 2. Does squeezing tea bags release toxins?

Ans. Well! With Samaara tea bags, you don’t need to squeeze them. When you dip the tea bags, within two dips, the tea easily blends with the milk/water. You don't need to squeeze the bag to get the tea blend. Squeezing the tea bag can release tannic acids into the tea, which can turn the tea bitter. To avoid that, use high-quality premium tea bags to get an authentic tea experience.

  1. 3. Which tea bags are the safest?

Ans. Unfortunately, Indian markets are filled with plastic-made tea bags. But, at, you will find eco-friendly tea bags that are easily compostable.

  1. 4. How long should you dip a tea bag?

Ans. For the perfect brew, it is as follows

Green tea bags: 1-2 minutes.

Black tea bags: 2-3 minutes.

Herbal tea bags: 3-5 minutes

  1. 5. How many times should you dip a tea bag?

Ans. The length of time you dip a tea bag will vary based on the type of tea leaves you use. So it’s important to follow the instructions listed on the back of each of your tea pouches. If you avoid following the suggested time, you risk having a bitter cup of tea.

  1. 6. Does steeping tea longer make it healthier?

Ans.  The steeping process usually takes 3-5 minutes. However, when you over steep tea beyond this time, more tannins are released into your cup, so the colour turns darker and the flavour becomes bitter from the extra tannins, especially when steeping black tea.

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