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Samaara Tea 5Kg Pouch

Rs. 2,025.00Rs. 2,250.00
Enjoy the rich taste of Samaara Black Tea. With an abundance of anti-oxidants, the flavour from this leaves back a tantalizing taste on your taste buds. Strong Aroma with rich and malty flavour.

The ultimate chill and unwind blend with uplifting and stress-busting floral notes. Black Tea has more antioxidants compared to any other tea and is best relished for everyday and overall physical and mental wellness. Aromatic florals put your anxiety at ease instantly, giving you some aromatherapy in a cup. The soothing notes of Lavender provide a much needed calm, helping you ease into sleep mode naturally. Chamomile is a natural fighter against allergies to keep those sneezes at bay. It helps keep anxiety in check and sings you into a good night’s sleep. Finally, this is topped with Hibiscus to slow down that blood pressure and give you a boost of Vitamin C! We recommend a cup for everyday wellness.

Shelf Life 12 months from the date of packing
Ingredients Black Tea
Material Feature Vegetarian
FSSAI License No 10017021002731
Item Form CTC Leaf

No Artificial Color

No Artificial Flavor

Samaara Tea 5Kg Pouch

Rs. 2,025.00Rs. 2,250.00