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Jivraj Samaara Gold Dust Tea Box

Rs. 315.00

SKU: Dust_Gold_500g

Dust or very small particles make up dust tea. The by-product of the loose tea leaves is essentially dust tea. Dust tea, which many people now prefer, is created by crushing, beating, or rolling loose tea leaves into a fine powder. In order to bring out the greatest flavours, the dust that is left over after this process is also toasted.

The finest tea produced in Assam's tea farms is used to make Samaara Gold Dust Tea. By relaxing you, enhancing your concentration, supplying you with energy, and many other advantages, the tea will practically make you sail through the day.

Indulge in the strong taste and aroma of the Gold Dust Tea Powder from Samaara. 

Know to more about Dust Tea, head up to this blog on Everything you must know about Dust tea

How to brew? 

It is quite easy to brew Samaara Gold Dust Tea. Let us help you in brewing one perfect cup of it.

But first,

Collect the following Ingredients - 

  • Samaara Gold Dust Tea - 1 teaspoon
  • Water - ½ cup 
  • Milk - ½ cup
  • Sugar or any other sweetener of your choice - according to your taste

Procedure to quickly brew tea dust :

    1. In a pan add water and milk and bring it to a boil. 

If you are making it in the microwave - mix both the liquids together and heat them until they simmer.

If you are making it in a kettle (electric or stovetop) - Mix both the liquids and heat till they simmer.

  1. Then add Samaara Gold Dust Tea and boil the mixture again.
  2. Once you get the colour of your choice, add sugar (or your preferred sweetener)
  3. Serve it in your favourite cup and enjoy!

FAQ's :

  1. What is dust tea?

    Dust Tea is the tea you get after the tea leaves are crushed, beaten or rolled to turn them into dust tea powder. This tea dust is helpful for those who want tea quickly, as this tea does not require a lot of time for cooking. It releases the flavours quickly.

  2. Which is the best dust tea? 

    Samaara offers the best quality dust tea with its Gold Dust Tea, which is made from the best quality tea grown in the tea estates of Assam. The aroma and the strong flavour of Samaara Gold Dust Tea will mesmerize you. 

  3. Dust tea vs leaf tea: Which is better?

    Samaara Gold Dust tea should be your choice if you want to brew your tea quickly but want to experience the authentic taste of tea. Whereas, tea leaves should be your choice on days when you have time to make your tea step by step and enjoy the procedure of brewing your tea. 

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Jivraj Samaara Gold Dust Tea Box

Rs. 315.00
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Chetan W.
India India

Most excellent Tea

Most excellent tea I have ever tested and  also powerful. There is no need to add a lot of quantity. perfect for my family.