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Know About Gold Dust Tea

No, you read that right! It's not Gold Dust, it's Gold Dust Tea. Wondering what exactly is Dust Tea? Read on to know. 

To enhance the tea experience, various new experiments are being conducted every day, and Dust Tea is one of them. 

What exactly is it? 

As the name suggests, Dust Tea is Tea that is made in the form of Dust or tiny particles. Basically, the tea that is present inside the regular Tea Bags is the Dust tea. Since tea leaves require more space, Dust tea is used inside the regular Tea Bags so that tea occupies less space inside the bag, and is infused in a better way. So basically Dust Tea is the regular tea, which is made into small particles for convenience and used in other ways to enhance the experience of tea through different methods of preparation. 

How is it made?

Dust Tea is basically the by-product of the loose Tea leaves. The Loose Tea Leaves are made into dust by crushing, beating or rolling, and thereby, what you get is the Dust Tea. But not just that, the dust that is found after this process is then roasted too.

The quality of Dust Tea can be ensured through the quality of the Loose Tea. 

Where is it used?

The humble Dust Tea is used inside the regular tea bags to give you the same experience as brewing the Loose Tea Leaves. 

Are there any Health Benefits? 

Apart from the fact that Tea literally makes you sail through the day by relaxing you, it has other benefits too. Tea is supposed to protect your heart from Heart Attacks and Blood Clots. It also aids in digestion, lowers cholesterol levels, and even aids weight loss. Tea keeps your skin healthy and prevents the onset of cancer, along with preventing premature ageing. 

Some FAQs will help you understand Dust Tea better. 

  • Is the nutrition of Tea lost while making Dust Tea?
  • No. the quality, taste and nutrition are more or less the same in both Loose Tea and Dust Tea. 

  • Is Tea Dust good for health? 
  • Tea dust is the same as Loose Tea and gives the same health benefits as Loose Tea.

  • Which is the best Dust Tea? 
  • Samaara offers the best Tea. They provide the best tea from the Tea Estates of Assam in the purest and most authentic form so that you get only the best. They have made this authentic flavour reach 25 countries across the globe and are constantly on the lookout to find newer ways to enhance the Tea experience.