Jiivij Samaara Lemongrass Instant Premix Tea 10 Sachets | Increases Energy Levels

Rs. 140.00 Rs. 249.00
Samaara Tea is well-known for its best-selling black tea in India. Best Blend from Assam. The largest tea producer in India. Its black tea is strong and full of flavours. Samaara Tea recommends it to everyone as it improves your thinking and alertness, brings down stress levels, and keeps you energized throughout the day. Contains antioxidants that improve immunity, burns fat, and is a potent prebiotic. It also releases Dopamine which improves mood and confidence. Made with extremely raw & natural lemon flavour that infuses it with rich flavours. It strikes the perfect balance of flavour & aroma to cheer you up with its zesty goodness! The company constantly pushes its limits and brings out new products to serve its customers. The quality and taste of the Samaara range are unparalleled, and that’s the reason the connoisseurs vouch for it. With its tea variants of Strong Aroma, Loose Green Tea, and Instant Tea Premix, Samaara hopes to add more flavours and increase its product line.

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