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Snacks to serve this Holiday Season with Chai

No Christmas & New Year’s festivity is complete without tasty delightful snacking. Health and calorie concerns take a back seat and everyone is looking to feast on sweets and savoury items to satisfy their cravings.

The snacking goes on all day long, for multiple days before and after the big days. Snacks are usually served with hot chai. With a #KadakChai like Samaara, you can have lots of great hot snacks to go along. We have prepared here a list of different snacks you can serve this festive season of Christmas & New Year with chai:

1) Samosa-
It’s one of the most popular snacks in India and goes perfectly with chai. It is also the most popular combo served when a prospective groom's family visits a prospective bride’s home for formal introductions. It is usually made with just potatoes and spices inside a hard shell, but some variants include dry fruits and heavy spices as well.

2) Coleslaw Sandwich -
Coleslaw is the simplest salad to prepare and when combined with crustless bread into a sandwich, it goes great with tea.

3) Sabudana Wada-
Made of potatoes, peanuts and tapioca pearls, this fried delicacy is very popular. It goes well with tea. Serve this festive snack hot straight from the fryer.

4) Dal Wada-
This is made with Urad Dal, Chana Dal and Moong Dal and is highly aromatic and delicious. This festive snack can be served during Christmas and New Year. Serve it hot and crisp with any chutney.

5) Aloo Tikki - 
This delicious festive snack is shallow fried in clarified butter (ghee) and usually served with mint chutney. It can also be put as a patty in a burger.

6) Onion Pakora -
Pakoras can be made with a variety of vegetables dipped in batter and fried in oil. The onion pakora is a very popular festive snack as it goes very well with tea.

7) Coleslaw Sandwich -
is made by combining puffed rice with a variety of vegetables like onion, tomato, raw mango, coriander, chillies, etc. It is known as Bhel Puri when more frites are added along with chutneys that are spicy and sweet.

So there you go, enjoy these 7 festive snacks with Samaara’s Kadak Chai and have a Kadak Snacking time this festive season.

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