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4 ways how masala chai spices up your life!

A cup of Indian masala chai is perfect for someone looking for a beverage that is strong, full of flavours and has multiple benefits. Samaara's CTC masala black tea is full of spices like cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper and nutmeg giving it a rich and flavourful zing. Top 4 benefits that masala tea offers are listed below. Read on to know about them:

  • Improves digestion - 
    The spices used in masala tea especially nutmeg is rich in fibre content which aids digestion. It also stimulates the secretion of saliva and other digestive enzymes that speeds up the digestion process.
  • Boosts immunity - 
    Masala tea is very good for your immunity. It makes you stronger to fight infections. The spices present in masala tea have antibacterial properties. Spices like cinnamon also contain antioxidants that fight against the common cold and flu. 
  • Enhances mood - 
    Masala tea is believed to lift your mood and cheer you up on your gloomy days. It has ingredients like cinnamon and cardamom that help calm your nerves and relax your muscles for a better mood.
  • Relieves pain and inflammation - 
    Masala tea is great for people suffering from pains and inflammations as it has ingredients like black pepper and cinnamon that contain inflammatory properties which help in increasing the blood circulation in the inflamed areas thus, reducing the pain in those areas.

Samaara Masala Ctc Black Tea - 250 Gms Round Box

Samaara Masala Ctc Black Tea - 250 Gms Round Box

Rs. 158.00

Masala chai is a popular beverage in India because of its great taste and enticing aroma. It is a natural stimulant that will tease your senses with every sip. Try Samaara’s masala tea today to experience its benefits.