Refreshing Iced Teas To Brew Today

Refreshing Iced Teas To Brew Today

Summer is a time when we can indulge in our favourite foods and beverages. The scorching afternoons demand icy cold beverages. A newly brewed iced tea's pleasant taste and cold sensation are so delightful that firsthand experience is necessary.
Iced tea is the perfect summer drink since it is cool, refreshing, and far healthier than soda.
You may kick back and relax with these cold, delicious iced teas. 
Here are 4 scrumptious dishes you can make at home, ranging from cold brewed iced tea to iced matcha lattes. Everything is made from the ground up as per detailed instructions.

Let’s get started with our list - 

1. Quick And Easy Iced Tea

Do you want an iced tea recipe that takes less than 10 minutes to prepare? This is it! A simple recipe for consistently great iced tea.

Ingredients - 

  1. Black tea bags 
  2. Filtered drinking water
  3. Sugar
  4. Ice 

Lemon slices and fresh mint are optional garnish.

Method - 

  1. The best method to make this tea is to brew the tea and cool it down by adding ice cubes in it. 
  2. Pour the tea into cups and enjoy! 

You wouldn’t get the flavour of an original iced tea better than this. 

2. Cold Brew Tea

You might wonder what a cold brew tea is, right? Well, it is one of the fancy names for the process where tea is gently steeped in water in the refrigerator for hours. It is the easiest way to make iced tea. 

Ingredients - 

  1. Loose black tea or tea bags
  2. Water

 Method - 

  1. Put the tea leaves or tea bags in a glass container or pitcher and add water.
  2. Put this container in the refrigerator.
  3. After a few hours, strain the tea (in case of loose tea leaves) or take out the tea bags.
  4. Serve chilled and enjoy. 

Cold-brew iced tea is smoother and sweeter. This summer, do make one for yourself. 

3. Mint Iced Green Tea

If you are one of the green tea lovers, then this recipe is going to be your favourite for summers. 

    Ingredients - 

    1. Loose green tea or tea bags
    2. Fresh mint leaves
    3. Water

    Method - 

    1. Add tea leaves or tea bags in a glass container or pitcher. Add room temperature or cold water in it. And then on top add the mint leaves.
    2. Give this mixture a stir and cover it.
    3. Refrigerate this mixture for at least 6 hours. 
    4. Strain the tea and serve chill (you can even add some ice cubes)

    This mint iced green tea made with the cold brew method will make you fall in love with green tea. 

    4. Iced Jasmine Tea

    A tea in summers that would refresh you both physically and spiritually, try this!

    Ingredients - 

    1. Jasmine green tea bags
    2. Water

    Method - 

    1. Put jasmine tea bags in a glass container or pitcher.
    2. Add room temperature or cold water to it. 
    3. Cover it and refrigerate for at least 6 hours. 
    4. Take out the tea bags and serve chilled with ice cubes. 

    Jasmine flavoured green iced tea made with the cold brew method is everything you need this summer to refresh yourself. 

    These were all the iced tea recipes we wanted to share with you today. All of these recipes are super easy but turn out to be super tasty. If you are a true tea lover, you need to drink this tea. 

    To get the best tea experience and taste, you should always use the best kind of tea leaves or tea bags. 

    The brand that we recommend is Samaara. Samaara premium tea comes straight from the tea estates of Assam, which is India’s best tea producing place. Their high-quality tea speaks for itself. 

    From black tea, green tea to tea bags and even pyramid tea bags, samaara has a wide variety of tea that you should go and explore just now if you want to experience the taste of authentic tea. 

    So come on tea lovers, let’s try these tea recommendations with the authentic taste of Samaara tea and recommend them to our friends and family to help them have a better experience too. 

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