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Some Classic And Innovative Monsoon Teas You Need To Try

Monsoon is the official season of Tea. It is a season in which we don’t have to feign any fake reasons, because the weather itself gives a million reasons to keep sipping our favourite beverage, cup after cup. We know all the chai lovers are enthusiastically waiting for monsoons, but before the monsoon arrives let us tell you the different kinds of monsoon teas that you can relish and enjoy from the beautiful view of heavenly drops falling on earth and blessing it. Oh! Talk of Bliss!

So chai lovers take notes. 

1. Classic Kadak Masala Chai

As soon as the air is made pleasant with the dewy and earthy petrichor, someone or the other person in every Indian household demands Chai and …?? Well, no points for guessing, Pakore. Monsoon and tea go hand in hand in the desi Indian household and we don’t think this tradition is ever going to change. With the musky smell and the therapeutic sound of raindrops falling on the earth, the long and satisfying sip of a Kadak Masala Chai along with the Crisp of Pakode and the Hashafashasha sound after eating a piping hot Pakoda is common with everybody.

And it is not just about the taste of Chai and Pakore that makes us crave it, but the masala in chai is actually beneficial for building immunity as we need to fight a lot of viruses.

2. Tulsi tea

Tea in monsoon is not just about taste, but a lot of people consume different kinds of teas for various purposes. Talking about immunity, Tulsi or as also known as The Holy Basil is used to make the healthiest of teas. The most common kind of tea when you come home drenched in the rain is tulsi tea. Your mother plucks the fresh and tender leaves of tulsi and boils them in water and within a few minutes, your immunity giving, defeater of cough and cold tea is ready. How beautiful is our Indian culture to keep a tulsi tree at home, so that in times of need, we have the immunity booster tea ready in no time.

Monsoon season demands a high immunity from everybody, and now you know how to get super high immunity through desi Indian monsoon tea.

These were the teas that bless the soul and which have been passed down generation after generation in the desi Indian families. But wait! 

Samaara is offering beneficial properties of Tulsi in their green tea that will help you boost your immunity with the help of your favourite beverage. 

Let us now talk of some experimental teas, because come on, this is not just your regular healthy monsoon tea blog. 

We are tea lovers and we are going to suggest some of the most unique (read crazy) ways of including tea in our daily routine. (because why not?!)

So from a tea lover who is writing this blog, to another tea lover who is reading this on a weekday ignoring all their work, this is our experimental tea for you. Do try it once otherwise the tea God might become angry. 

Have a look. (and try because we know you won’t be able to control yourself from trying these)

3. Cheese Tea

No, don’t get us wrong. We are not asking you to dunk cheese slices into your chai. This is a sin we would never commit. For this unique recipe, all you need is your favourite iced tea combination as a base and a layer of salty cream cheese on top.The flavour of both the elements when combined together is going to take you to a different world altogether. When enjoyed on a day when the Gods of monsoon are blessing the earth with unending downpour, this tea is going to refresh you and you would not feel sad on staying at home all day. Do try it out once.

4. Coconut Tea

A cup of coconut chai will undoubtedly conjure up memories of afternoons spent in Goa or other beachy locales.This tea when had on a rainy day will make you feel super refreshed and happy. Monsoons might feel a little gloomy sometimes with the sky covered with dark clouds, and the thunder and lightning sending shivers down our spine. On all these days, this chai recipe will make you feel happy and satisfied. 

To make a smooth but flavorful cup of tea, combine cinnamon, vanilla pod, ginger, cardamom, and coconut milk.

5. Mango Tea

Monsoons and tea are a match made in heaven but mango is another thing which can not be forgotten at all. Since these things are so connected with each other, we decided to pair mango and tea together for all the rainy days. 

We came upon this tea, which combines the white flesh of raw mango with crisp tea leaves to create a brew with a delicious undertone. Aam Panna Tea with added fennel seeds is a tea which you won't be able to forget ever and would crave to have every year. This tea is not only heavenly in taste, but also helps in digesting food.

These were some classic and some innovative monsoon teas you need to try to make your monsoon season enjoyable and extra special. 

Window, rain and tea is a combination you need in your life to feel the most alive and live life to the fullest. 

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