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Historically speaking, the past decade has been a game-changer for every single industry. No sector was immune from change: be it forced or voluntary. From the widespread technological advancements to adapting to a new style of operating during a global pandemic, the trends and functioning have encountered drastic adjustments in these challenging times. Likewise, our treasured chai industry has not escaped unscathed. Tea trends have massively changed, especially in the recent past, which has compelled brands to adapt to the latest consumer preferences.

Tea trends

One of the most loved beverages globally since time immemorial, our preferred steaming, kadak brew is slowly but surely changing course toward new trends in tea.

Some of the latest tea trends that currently dictate the landscape are-

1. Demand for sophistication

There has been a significant rise in the consumer’s inclination toward premium and sophisticated teas with globalisation and the Internet serving as the primary drivers for this tea trend. E-commerce and reduced international barriers have ensured that a chai connoisseur is exposed to different varieties of tea. 

In this list of tea trends, the ascent of this specific trend has largely been because these premium teas include the immunity-boosting variety as well as flavoured teas. These are especially popular among the younger generation.

2. Environmentally sustainable packaging

Tea packaging has gone through numerous alterations over the years. Initially, the purpose was to ensure that the tea leaves or powder lasted longer, therefore, the environmental concerns were not taken into account. However, consumers are now rejecting brands that are environmentally “unfriendly”. 

As a result, sustainable packaging makes its way to this list of tea trends and we at Samaara ensure eco-friendly packaging for our products. 

3. E-commerce & Tea

Brick-and-mortar stores were closed down during the pandemic and online shopping skyrocketed, causing this latest tea trend to gain traction. 

This latest trend in the tea industry makes it extremely convenient to place an order for your favourite product and have it delivered, completely contactless. Numerous D2C (direct-2-consumer) tea brands rose during the pandemic and experienced remarkable growth with their “online-only” strategies. 

They are foraying towards setting up their offline stores and competing with traditional retailers.

4. Tea As A Wellness Superfood

In this series of tea trends, wellness teas started becoming popular before the pandemic. However, the pandemic brought these tea varieties into focus as chai drinkers began to shift towards health-conscious and immunity-boosting beverages.

Green tea, for example, contains healthy ingredients that offer multiple benefits which serve weight loss and immunity-boosting purposes.

5. Cold Brews

Along with the rise in popularity of cold brew coffees, cold brew teas have been heavily sought-after as well and therefore, make it to this list of tea trends. Made with fermented tea, kombucha is one such example of cold-brewed tea. 

The numerous factors that are making cold brew teas quite the hit are balanced flavours, health benefits and no requirement to add ice. This trend in teas is also helping increase the sales of associated tea products such as infusers and strainers.

6. The Coffee ‘Switcheroo’

Many coffee consumers are making the shift towards chai. Many coffee consumers are considering leaving coffee for good or shifting to drinking tea for its health benefits, as tea has comparatively low caffeine content. While loyal coffee drinkers won’t budge, others have begun shifting their allegiances.

This latest tea trend has consumers shifting towards loose-leaf teas or matcha-flavoured teas as an alternative to coffee.

7. A Cafe For Tea?

Chaiwalas and roadside tea vendors are a common sight across the country. An astonishing latest tea trend that has emerged is tea cafe chains, which are popping up in many cities, appealing to younger consumers and gradually bringing about a revolution in the tea industry.

Several companies have set up tea outlets similar to modern coffee chains, and many of these startups are now thriving on a national scale.

8. Increasing Brand Awareness

Gifting tea boxes and packages at weddings and other events has become one of the most common tea trends, which has led to increased brand awareness. People are actively choosing brand labels instead of products from the unorganised sector. 

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Parting Note

Our chai industry is rapidly adapting to these dynamic and changing tea trends. Consumers and brands alike are looking for innovations and much more amazing ways to present our favourite cup of kadak tea.

Visit our website and explore our delicious range of heaven (teas, obviously!) that offer the goodness of the Camellia sinensis in trendy and sustainable packaging. 

Check out our blogs for our thoughts on this steaming cup of love.