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Benefits of instant tea premix and the flavours we have

Instant tea is gaining a lot of popularity throughout the world today. This trend is understandable since instant tea premixes have a lot of benefits that are attracting people. Instant tea is the result of the mixing of spices, tea extract, evaporated milk, and sugar that is diluted in hot water. When the extended process of tea is made so simple then people are bound to get attracted towards it. Let us tell you more about the benefits of Instant tea Premix and also tell you some of the flavours of the premixes that Samaara offers- 

Benefits of Instant Tea Premix -

1. Weight Management -

The ingredients in instant tea premix improve metabolism. We are aware that during the festive season we tend to overeat and that too a lot of oily and sweet stuff that contains a lot of calories. Instant tea premixes burn unnecessary fat and increase energy. Therefore, it works as a medicine for people who are very conscious about their figure but also like eating festive food.

2. Protects Liver from Damage -

A lot of enzymes are naturally present in our body but their sudden increase can damage the liver. Masala Instant Tea Premix can reduce the support of such enzymes. Regular intake of instant tea premix helps us to take good care of our liver.

3. Restricts Cell Damage -

The free radicals present in our body cause harmful effects on the cells and lead to chronic diseases. Samaara Instant Tea Premix is rich in antioxidants which is why it is advisable to consume it to stay healthy. Antioxidants restrict the growth of free radicals in the body. You should drink instant tea daily to protect yourself from cell damage and chronic diseases.

4. Oral Care -

Streptococcus Mutans is a bacteria that grows into our mouth and causes plaque formation. We are well aware that during the festive season we cannot control ourselves from eating sweets all the time. The bacteria, if developed, can cause the decay of teeth. To avoid this, you should consume Instant tea premixes. They contain Catechins that fight against this bacteria. It also prevents the growth of cavities. You can take overall care of your teeth this festive season and prevent them from decaying by regular consumption of instant tea. Thus, there will be no chances of bad breath and infection in your mouth anymore.

5. Reduces Heart Diseases -

No matter how healthy you want to eat, festivals become the cheat season for everybody. We cannot totally control the bad cholesterol entering our body but we definitely can reduce their levels. Instant tea premixes play a vital role in reducing the level of bad cholesterol in your body. Thus you can get rid of and prevent yourself from heart diseases like heart stroke by just opting for tea premixes. 

Additional reasons to buy Instant Tea Premixes rather than Ordinary Tea -

  1. The brew time is less.
  2. Small packets take very little space. They are easy to travel with.
  3. They are available in different flavours.
  4. No residue remains to throw away.
  5. Easy to make. Also, they are a perfect blend of all the spices. 

Samaara Instant Tea Premixes - 

Samaara offers Instant tea Premixes in three flavours, namely - Masala, Ginger and Cardamom

Instant tea is the right choice as an alternative to ordinary tea because of all the benefits we have mentioned above. You can buy Saamara Instant tea premixes from our website. Search for to have a look at all the products that we have to offer.