8 Health benefits of drinking Green Tea During Winter

8 Health benefits of drinking Green Tea During Winter

Let us tell you why you should make green tea a part of your diet during winters 

Winter is here and we are all aware of the fact that winter brings in a lot of problems too. Some of the problems include indigestion due to overeating, frequent cold and cough, and the constant craving to munch on something all the time. For all of these problems and a lot of others too, Green tea could help you. 

1. Good source of Antioxidants 

Green tea is probably the best source of antioxidants. It does not lose the antioxidants like black tea as it does not require fermenting. These antioxidants are the main reason why green tea is considered a miracle drink. 

2. Good for your Skin 

In winters our skin tends to get dry. Green tea helps in soothing the irritated skin during winters. Other than this, it also prevents wrinkles, fine lines and sagging of skin.

3. Battles with Ailments 

Green tea is by far one of the healthiest drinks in the world. It has been proven to fight off sickness, and even major diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Studies are not conclusive of the reasons behind green tea’s role in cancer prevention, but what they do show is that those who drink green tea on a regular basis are less likely to have cancer. There is also a significant decrease in heart attacks for those that drink regularly.

4. Aids in Weight Loss 

We all tend to overeat during winters. Not only do we eat more but winter food is generally more oily and full of calories. People who struggle in losing weight can be helped if they consume green tea. 

Various studies also show that people who drink green tea lose more fat during exercise than those who do not drink this miracle beverage. 

5. Boosts brain activity 

This tea does a great job in boosting memory. It enhances the performance and activity of the brain. Recent studies and findings even show that green tea has been helpful to patients of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

6. Oral Health 

Green tea helps in keeping your oral health in check. It keeps your breath fresh and your teeth white. Green tea also helps prevent oral cancer.

7. Stress relief 

Sipping up on a warm beverage on cold winter days can be relaxing. But drinking too much caffeine has its downsides. Too much caffeine can lead to anxiety, stress, and trouble in sleep cycles. So if you want to stay healthy but also want to have a warm drink in your hand then Green tea is the answer. Not only does green tea contain only half the amount of caffeine than a normal cup of coffee, but many people also say green tea's fresh, grassy flavour helps them relax.

8. Can Improve Your Digestion 

Winters make us eat more than we do normally as the winter delicacies are just endless and not to mention tasty. If you are in a situation where you have eaten too much, green tea could be helpful in digestion. 

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