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How to Detox In Winters?

Detoxifying in winters is highly important. We tend to eat a lot of oily food in winters. With all that oil and sweets that we consume, it is also important for us to detox so that our system is not loaded with excess and unnecessary load.

Detoxing in winters becomes an easy task as a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables are available that would help the body in detoxifying. The easiest way of getting rid of unwanted substances from the body is to drink a lot of healthy drinks. Drinks are the easiest way to eliminate any kind of waste from the body. 

Read on to know how to prepare healthy drinks with the help of seasonal fruits and vegetables of winter. 

Drinks that would help in detoxing - 

1. Pomegranate And Beetroot Juice -

Both pomegranate and beetroot are renowned Ayurvedic ingredients that are regarded best for detox. Both of these ingredients have numerous cleansing and detoxifying properties. 

2. Haldi Tea -

Because of its excellent balance of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, haldi tea has a lot of health benefits. Turmeric is a potent liver cleanser which also helps in increasing immunity by boosting liver function.

3. Orange, Ginger And Carrot Juice -

Oranges are the powerhouse of antioxidants and vitamin C. Carrots are high in beta-carotene and fibre, which helps with weight loss and digestion. Ginger is a well-known home remedy for digestion, bloating, and stomach cramps. When all these three ingredients are mixed together, it forms the best concoction to detox the body of all the roughage.

4. Amla juice -

Amla does not only contain a large amount of vitamin C, but it also aids in the body's metabolism and protects against viral and bacterial infections, such as colds and coughs. When it is consumed on an empty stomach, it acts as the best detoxifying agent.

5. Spinach, carrot and apple juice -

The combination of these three ingredients may sound offbeat, but it is loaded with a ton of nutrients. Since the taste of spinach is bitter, adding carrots and apples for some sweetness can make the concoction tastier and not to mention healthier. 

6. Cabbage and lemon juice -

If you are looking to boost your immunity and aid digestion, then this cabbage and lemon juice is worth a shot! A lot of us might have only eaten cabbage but it’s time to drink cabbage for better health.

Other than these tea and juice recommendations, we would also like to add two drinks that can be available all year round. These drinks have been tried and tested and have been proved effective everytime. Let us have a look at these - 

1. Ginger, lemon and honey tea -

This drink has long been used to cure sore throats and colds, and it's spiced with a bit of ginger, honey, and lemon. It is also an excellent potion to detox. 

2. Green tea and mint -

Green tea has been known to improve immunity and protect us from coughs and flu. Moreover, it’s consumption aids digestion, which is linked to weight loss. Mint is low in calories and promotes digestive enzymes.

Pro tip - 

Even with drinking the recommended drinks above, it is also important for you to hydrate well. Drinking lots of water throughout the day will detox your body on its own. 

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