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Our Love For Tea Has Made Us Write This - A Good Read On Tea Stories

Disclaimer - You might start craving for a cup of kadak Chai. So sit with a cup of tea to read this blog. 

Chai. Not just a word. Not just a beverage. An emotion? Truly! But more than even being an emotion, it is a lifeline for Indians. 

Summers or winters, happiness or sadness, too worked up or too free, when you don't have time or when you have nothing to do, Chai is what we seek to find solace in. 

We Indians have been successful in adjusting Chai with a lot many eatables. 

  • It's raining outside and your mother started frying pakora? Chai and pakoda are a combo made in heaven. 
  • “Eating just samosa?” 

“No, ofc with Chai”, would be your answer. 

  • Poha with Chai. 
  • Bun maska with Chai. 
  • Paratha? Yes! Even that with Chai 

Not that Chai needs accompaniment with it, because we can have Chai on its own too and honestly, Indians don't like anything more than cutting Chai, 4-5 times a day. 

Chai starts conversations and even though it is an unpopular opinion, Chai also brings people closer.

We have heard people talk about a lot of things over a cup of Chai. 

Some of them are - 

  • Politics - Oh! the heated conversations we get to hear. 
  • Religion - We won't say anything on this, but to each his own. 
  • Stocks - With all the passion. 
  • Cricket - Discussing every mistake that the players made and also the sixes and fours that stole the show. 
  • Bollywood - The newest peppy song and which celebrity is getting married next. 
  • Business - The profits, the losses, the new ideas, and a lot of jargon about the sales. 
  • Exam pressure - Online exam vs offline debate. 

And the list can go on endlessly. 

But it is quite clear that Chai is a conversation starter, an ice breaker, mind opener, idea giver, rant partner, peace giver and a constant in our lives. 

We have also seen two people just sitting together, drinking tea, without saying a word, without any discussion, gazing at nothingness, and thinking to themselves how beautiful life is. 

So with a conversation or without it, Chai is, and will always be our favourite. 

So cheers, and let's celebrate this wonderful gift that we have. *Big slurp noise*

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