Interesting tea facts that will blow you away!

Interesting tea facts that will blow you away!

Tea has played an integral part in every Indian household for ages. It has been a staple beverage for a long time & the whole family comes together for a tea session in the evening. There is a lot of history behind this beloved drink that you may not know. Let’s take a look at some of the facts about tea that will have you intrigued! 

  1. All teas are made from the same leaves

    Black tea, Green tea and Oolong tea are made from the same plant i.e. Camellia Sinensis. The only difference is that they undergo different processes to cater to specific styles of beverage. Black tea, Oolong and Green tea are fermented, semi-fermented, and unfermented respectively.

  2. Green Tea is considered a SUPERFOOD

    Superfoods are considered to be nutritionally dense and beneficial for one’s health. Green Tea has exceptional antioxidant and healing properties.

    In addition, several studies suggest that it helps in soothing sore throat, reducing risks of heart disease and regulating blood sugar levels. Thus, it is called a superfood.

  3. Tea was considered very precious in the 18th Century

    Tea was a valuable commodity in the 18th century which was secured in elegant boxes with secure locks known as “tea chests”, now referred to as “tea caddies”.

  4. Record-breaking drink

    Guinness World Records recorded the largest tea bag which weighed more than 550 pounds measured 9.8x13 feet and could brew more than 100,000 cups of tea. This record was achieved by Ahmed Mohamed Saleh Baeshen and Company, the owner and founder of Rabea Tea in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in 2014.

  5. Herbal Tea is not real tea

    Herbal Tea doesn't contain the actual tea leaves. It is made up of flowers, dried fruits, spices or herbs. That is the reason it is usually referred to as caffeine-free tea.

  6. Some cultures add butter to their tea

    In the Himalayas, it’s traditional to add butter (usually from a yak) to milky black tea. The salt helps people living at high altitudes stay hydrated. It’s called po cha in Tibet, the country where it has become an unofficial national beverage.

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