Learn Lesson from Kadak Masala Chai

Learn Lesson from Kadak Masala Chai

If you look at it closely, life is pretty simple. Its secrets can all be learnt from the simple things. Want to know how? Alright we will explain this to you, but let's discuss this over a cup of tea? You might just learn all the secrets in the process of making it. 

Everyone has a different way of making chai. Some put tea leaves first, while others put the masala first.

  • Let us tell you our way of making a kadak masala chai and in the process learn some secrets of life. 
  • In a pan take water, but always after measuring. For great taste it is important that one measures the water. 
  • Wait till the water boils. 
  • By the way, have you noticed that in life before trying out new things we always see the pros and cons. Why? Because we test the water before we dip our feets into it. The human tendency to have control over every situation makes us do it. And this is also good in a way. Because just like tea, if you don't measure the water (difficulty of a situation), you won't be able to add the ingredients (strategies to deal with the situation) for the best taste (best results).
  • Alright, so the water is boiling now, let's add the masala to it now. Ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper etc. 
  • Each ingredient in the tea leaves its essence to enhance the taste. Do we not see this in our lives too? Every person that we meet in our lifetime has some effect on us. Our family members specially are like the masala in a kadak chai, they always make our life better and more tasteful. So keep them close.
  • As the masala simmers for 1-2 minutes on low flame, now add Samaara Kadak Masala Chai to it. As you add the tea leaves, you will see a beautiful colour.
  • Kadak Masala Chai is like a kadak soch. If your thinking is kadak, unbiased, rational and you are an open-minded person, who accepts the new thoughts of people,. You will see that your life will become more colourful and happy. You will radiate new and happy energy and also make people around you happy. 
  • It's now time to add milk. But of course after measuring. 
  • Milk is an amazing ingredient. I have always related it to my friends. Once you add milk to your tea, it makes the tea more tasty and enjoyable. Friends do the same, don't they? Friends are the people who make your life happy and enjoyable. So always keep your friends close. 

The tea is ready, let's enjoy it now. 

“Big slurp” 

Yeah, so we were discussing about? Well, anyways! 

If you enjoyed reading this blog and it made you smile and made you raise your eyebrow as a form of appreciation, let us know in the comments. 

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Keep sipping your tea pal, otherwise it'll become cold. Hey! We also tried writing a blog on the topics people can discuss while having tea. 

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