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Pyramid shaped tea bags: A Revolutionary Product

Samaara tea is a leading tea brand. We offer authentic tea straight from the tea estates of Assam to give you the best taste, along with an exclusive experience altogether. We are also the exporter of tea and have reached the tea lovers of 25 Countries. The pyramid tea bag is a revolutionary product in the tea industry. 

Pyramid Tea bags brought a revolution in the tea industry as soon as it was launched as the experience of Tea was enhanced with Pyramid Tea bags. From the colour, to the taste, and the brewing ease, all were enhanced  by this invention. But how did changing the shape of the tea bag bring such a difference? What is so special about the Pyramid Tea bags that people are going crazy about it? 

Want to know about Pyramid tea bags in depth? 

Head on to the Blog section of Samaara tea, where, in What are Pyramid tea bags?, we have explained about the Pyramid tea bags in detail. 

Pyramid tea bags have set the tea industry on fire. Nobody thought that a new product could be invented to enhance the tea experience even more. As soon as Pyramid tea bags gained popularity, a lot of brands started launching their own version of it. But a pyramid tea bag could only be the best for you if it contains the best kind of tea inside it. Samaara has won the hearts of millions of people around the globe with its kadak flavour and authentic taste. 

True tea lovers would always want to enhance their Tea experience, and that is why you should check out Samaara Tea. Our taste would convince you to choose Samaara above any other brand, but to make you more aware about our brand, we have written a blog on why you should choose Samaara tea. Do give it a read. 

Let us tell you what all flavours have Samaara tea introduced in their Pyramid tea bag range. 

Flavours available at Samaara in the Pyramid tea bag range - 

  1. Botanical Green Tea Pyramid Tea Bags
  2. Black Tea Pyramid Tea Bags
  3. Green Tea Pyramid Tea Bags

All of these flavours have the most authentic taste. 

Check out to know more about us and have a look at the various other kinds of tea that we offer.