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The age long debate of green tea or black tea – which is healthier!

Tea has been a staple beverage in many households across the world. Its rich flavours, highly aromatic goodness and refreshing taste blows one’s mind away! Laden with the immunity boosting freshness and taste that is a wakeup call, tea has it all! Right from the first cup of bed tea in the morning till the midnight fuel for your late night chai sessions, tea acts as a dependable friend. Available in a plethora of varieties like green and black tea, there has always been ongoing debates on which is healthier. Read on to know more!

With a lot of difference in their benefits and usage, one thing that makes black tea stand out is its oxidized nature. To elevate the flavours and intensify the taste, the tea leaves are exposed to the air that in turn makes it brown in colour! Whereas green tea is lighter in colour and in flavours in comparison due to this small difference!

Based on the research by many institutes, it is safe to say that both the flavours of tea are equally beneficial in strengthening your heart against diseases. Regularly consumption of the teas only goes to enhance its benefits to your body! With a little bit of caffeine in its ingredients, they are known to boost your alertness and make you vigilant with your reactions. Though what sets them apart from coffee is the restlessness that persists after its consumption.

Packed with antioxidants, green tea has a list of possible benefits that black tea may not offer. A regular intake of green tea can help the body to reduce the harmful effects of lethargy and aggression. It is also imperative in the health department as it reduces the risk of diseases like Cancer, Alzheimer & also protects the Liver! All in all it has long standing benefits to the body.

Black tea owes a lot of its benefits to the oxidation process. Along with strengthening the blood vessels and heart, it also lowers the risk of plaque formation in them. A significant reduce can also be seen in the cholesterol and blood sugar levels as well. Being a little apart in their characteristics, but green tea and black tea are ultimately both effective sources of antioxidants. Therefore, it’s time to replace your everyday dose of coffee with a healthier option for your body and mind!

3 Green Tea (Flavoured) + 1 CTC Masala

3 Green Tea (Flavoured) + 1 CTC Masala

Rs. 450.00


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