4 reasons to have Green Tea every day!

Green Tea is known for its magical properties that have a long term effect on your health, but especially your skin. It will thank you for the tender loving care that you provide. Here are some reasons that will make you want to include green tea in your everyday diet.


  • Treats dry and flaky skin:

    Active ingredients in green tea help in treating dry and flaky skin. It provides moisture and evens the skin tone. Drinking green tea or external application of products rich in green tea help in treating conditions such as psoriasis.

  • Reduces inflammation:

    Green tea contains anti-inflammatory properties and catechins which reduce skin irritation and helps in treating dermatitis. The signs of redness, itching and red patches on your skin are signs of an increase in inflammation in your skin. Drinking at least one-two cups of green tea a day reduces inflammation and the antioxidants present in green tea help you to attain healthy looking and glowing skin.

  • Exfoliating properties:

    Dried green tea leaves have an abrasive texture. You can reuse the boiled green tea leaves from your drink to make a DIY face mask, that will ensure to exfoliate your skin gently. This homemade facial scrub will help to eliminate dead, rough skin cells as well as excessive pollutants and oil that it contains.

  • Protects from the sun:


    Green tea is high in anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, which helps in reducing the damages that long exposure to the sun causes. Research shows that drinking 1-2 cups of green tea is highly effective in soaking up all these benefits and helps you fight the irritation of long hours outdoors. One can also use SPF protection which contains green tea extracts for application benefits.

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