Par-Tea for Tea lovers: Here are some benefits of having Tea

Par-Tea for Tea lovers: Here are some benefits of having Tea

Having tea is the most important part of the day for many of us while It is just a means to keep going for some! Though there has always been a debate from the non-drinkers on its medicinal or health-boosting capacities, there have been no claims of it causing any harmful effects whatsoever. Mr. Dheer Shah, CEO of Samaara Tea, tells you about the benefits and advantages of having tea.

“You can’t buy happiness but you can buy tea, and that’s pretty much the same thing!” So why not quench your craving for a savoury by having something which possesses the power to provide maximum satisfaction?

During ancient times, popping a pill for every other ache or trauma in the body was not an available option. People would rely solely on natural remedies that could be sourced. To find the right remedy for a particular problem was another herculean task altogether. The process to find out a cure didn’t have an organized process like today. Many people must have lost their lives in trial and error. Tea, since the beginning was put to use and cultivated with the sole belief, and also supported by the recovery it provided to the ailing, that it has remedial characteristics. Therefore, questioning the worth of tea as a healthy drink is not an option.

Tea, particularly when teamed up with Indian spices or other proven healthy ingredients, does wonder to one’s health and provides a host of benefits. Ginger, a spice which is very commonly added to the milk and sugar variant of black tea is often recommended for settling down an upset stomach or to curb morning sickness among its other benefits. It is not a competition, but unlike coffee, tea can be combined with a truckload of variables and give wonderful treats to one’s taste buds.

The tea plant, Camellia Sinensis, can usually grow into a huge tree of around 50 feet height but with cultivation in mind, they are generally allowed to grow to only a couple of feet for easy plucking of the leaves. A convenient method to obtain good quality tea is to let new shoots grow and pluck the tender leaves from it. These buds are called flushes and a new flush grows every two weeks during the peak season.

Holding a hot cup of tea between your palms and having regular sips from it especially during this monsoon season can provide relief from an irritating runny nose. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent too. It has also been suggested that green and black tea may protect against cancer or other diseases such as obesity and Alzheimer’s disease.

To conclude, one can consider tea as the good son who not only brings happiness to the family but at the same time protects them in times of trouble when compared to the careless ones like the colas and sodas.

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