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Use Green Tea for Covid to improve Immunity

Are you also searching questions like - how to increase immunity? Best way to increase immunity? Can I increase my immunity?, on the internet? Well, you don't need to do that anymore! Read on to know why. 

We all are aware of the havoc that COVID -19 caused in the entire world. We have been under its atrocious grip for more than 2 years now. After innumerable lockdowns and restrictions, we are still here sitting at our homes searching for ways in which we could find a way to not contract the virus. We know the gravity of the situation as the virus has still not left us and comes back each year with a new variant. But you don't need to worry. You can live your life without the fear of contracting the virus by building a strong immunity. But how would you do that is what you ask?

Jivraj Samaara Green Tea would help! 

Green tea has been proven to be a natural immunity booster. Benefits of green tea are known by people all around the world. But all the benefits of green tea would only work if the green tea you are consuming is authentic and pure, unadulterated, and of high quality. Therefore, you need to find a brand that serves you the best quality, authentic tea, straight from the tea plantations to your home. And for this you can rely on Samaara. Samaara tea offers you Assam’s finest tea blends that are sure to excite your taste buds. They export their tea in 25 different countries and are able to make a mark on the taste buds of people around the world with the authentic taste and good quality of their tea. 

Samaara Green tea to build immunity. 

Green tea is the best tea for the immune system and various studies prove this. Samara Green Tea is the best quality tea you would find anywhere. Samaara has been selling its Green Tea and people have been coming back for more and to try the other variants too. 

We told you the benefits of Green tea, which is the best tea for immune system. We will now tell you how to prepare the best Green Tea that would taste devine. 

Green Tea Recipe - 

Take Samaara green tea (loose or tea bag) and brew it in hot water for about 1 to 2 minutes, which is the ideal time for brewing green tea. Your green tea should be green, light tan, or yellow in colour. After brewing add a pinch of lemon and ginger juice to it to give it extra taste plus benefits. This will make your green tea immune system booster and would help you fight diseases easily. 

Do try out this recipe and see visible differences in your immunity and overall health. 

Buy green tea online from Samaara and make your health a priority in these difficult times. 

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