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5 reasons why green tea is the ultimate immunity booster!

Have you ever wondered why green tea has gained popularity and is being consumed by everyone these days irrespective of their age? Doctors recommend green tea as a health supplement and often as a replacement for the normal Indian milk tea. Green tea is not just tea leaves dipped in warm water, it has innumerable benefits that will blow your mind. One of the prominent benefits is that it acts as a great immunity booster. Having a strong immunity is a need of an hour due to the current situation. Below listed are the reasons why green tea is the ultimate immunity booster.

    1. Antioxidant properties: 

      Witnessing the current lifestyle, our body releases oxidants which can lead to various chronic diseases such as stroke, blood pressure etc. Thus such oxidants must get released from our body from time to time. Green tea is an exceptional source of powerful oxidants. As a result, green tea is rich in polyphenol compounds that have immunity-boosting properties. 

    2. Prevents cancer:

      Many studies show that green tea drinkers have a low risk of detecting cancer. Chronic inflammation, stress and cancer are connected. Green tea reduces cancer risk by slowing down the oxidative damage in our bodies. It is meant to keep cancer at bay. Though no evidence has been proved yet. 

    3. Helps in weight loss: 

      Green tea acts as a fat burning supplement and boosts metabolism rate. It helps in reducing body fat. However, researchers need to carry out further studies to confirm the effect. 

    4. UV protection:

      UV radiations are very harmful and cause DNA damage, skin cancers etc. However, the consumption of green tea does not block the rays but prevents inflammation caused by extensive rays. The anti-inflammatory properties also prevent the brain from ageing.

    5. Prevents coronary heart disease: 

      Coronary heart disease is mainly because of low physical activity and a diet high in saturated fats that lead to blockage of arteries. Green tea helps in the proper functioning of cells and it is high on fat oxidation. As a result, it helps to prevent strokes, diabetes, liver disease etc.

Immunity Booster

Immunity Booster

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Thus consumption of green tea can help in preventing various diseases which also leads to a good quality of life. Try different flavours of Samaara green tea and take the first step of your health today. 

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